Chapter 1 - The Witness View
Contains a thorough description and explanation of the core beliefs and world view of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Chapter 2 - My Early Years
Tells the story of the author’s childhood and what it was like to grow up as a Jehovah’s Witness, including school, family, and religious activities.

Chapter 3 - Adulthood
Explains the transition through adolescence, family and personal tragedies, and the internal struggles faced when questioning the beliefs that are held fervently by Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Chapter 4 - My Escape
Continues the story as the author faces his most difficult challenge yet, to leave the Jehovah’s Witness religion. Ostracism, manipulation, and double standards reveal his choice to break away was the right one.

Chapter 5 - The History Lesson
Through extensive research the author reveals shocking and embarrassing facts about the history of the Jehovah’s Witness religion. Many of which are not known by members of the group.

Chapter 6 - The Dark Side - A Cult Following
With analytical thinking and clear explanation Mr James reveals a very much darker side to the system the controls those smiling faces that come to your door. Using recognised classification he compares cult practices with the Jehovah’s Witness religion.

Chapter 7 - A Concept Falls Apart
Access to a ‘Secret Elder’s Handbook’ uncovers truly shocking policies and practices. The Watchtower Society’s continuous misrepresentation of science is exposed. In addition, the very existence of God is put to the test.

Chapter 8 - Conclusion
Mr James gives a concise summary and a final message to the reader.

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