Letters From Readers

Dear Anthony,

This is just a note to congratulate you on your most excellent book - it makes compulsive reading. What a life you must have endured during your time with the Witnesses - and I do hope that your newly found freedom has brought you lasting happiness.

I have on my bookshelf a number of books on the JWs along with their own publications and videos but your own book is so readable because it comes from first-hand experience.  So, again, my sincere congratulations - and good luck for the future. - Robert

I have read your book cover to cover this afternoon. I needed to write to say thankyou for the time you took to put down all your experiences. I too was born into that dreadful religion and lost everyone when I left (escaped I call it) - its hard and leaves long term effects - I have just about finished a book on my own childhood, don't know what I'm going to do with it yet but it was good to get everything out.  I love the research you've done on the origins, they were new to me.  I found out about websites and forums for ex Jw's a few years ago and spent three days literally crying as I realised that I wasn't the 'only one' with similar stories to tell - I'd shut it all away.  About a year ago I decided to start writing about it, when you read about the life a child has it is inconceivable to most people.

Anyway, I'm rambling, just wanted to say it was a brilliant book and I am going to get another copy and send to my sister - also escaped!

Hope life is going really well for you.  You have done a good thing. - Hazel

Congratulations, Mr James, your book is well written and excellently laid out with references where required.  I do hope that writing it was a cathartic experience for you ... because it's obvious from reading it that for many years you were in the throws of a profound nervous breakdown.

I wish I'd read your book before the Witnesses stopped coming to my front door; I tended to get rid of them because I'd been warned not to indulge in doctrinal arguments with them, and since I didn't know anything about the cult - except that I dislike and mistrust ALL cults - I'd finish up buying their tatty literature to make them go away.

I don't know why we suddenly became a no-go home.  It might possibly have been because the last time they came my husband demanded to know if they knew where his church was and when they said no, he told them to clear off and not come back until they'd found out!  We do go to church and we are regular Christians, so perhaps that singled us out as not worth bothering with.

I must say I am at a loss to know how people get sucked in in the beginning, but I am truly appalled to discover the lengths the Society will go to to terrify it's members into never stepping out of line, and now that you are able to see the world as it really is; flawed and in places dreadful certainly, but there for us to give and take from it as we can, I wish you much luck and happiness in everything you undertake. - Annie

My friend has been given your book for a present by her son and is reading it right now. I hope it will finally help her to free herself from them.

Like yourself I too was involved with them for 38 years until I was finally shown the truth about their teachings and I dissociated myself.

Keep up the good work. - Heather

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